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Georgia Rees-Lang


Hello, I’m Georgia! I was originally born in Brighton before upping sticks and moving to Norwich for uni, where I studied English Literature. I have a solid and wide reaching background in writing & communications, with a particular focus on education and the Arts. I’m now down south again, working in a busy marketing & campaigns team for a national eating disorder charity. I’m really enjoying the chance to use my communications skills to work towards such a worthy cause (that, and being back near the sea).

My prior experience has seen me working with some amazing arts and digital learning organisations, including Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Picturehouse, Oxjam, and Festival Bridge. I feel really been lucky to have witnessed first hand the power that art can have within communities. And to have been able to make Instagram videos of my guinea pigs and call it 'work'. Outside of my career, I'm massively into football (come on you Spurs) and have recently begun kickboxing classes... don't mess.

Ultimate desert island disc track? The Rainbow Connection from The Muppet Movie… as a kid I used to want to walk down the isle to that song (I think in my head I was marrying Kermit)

What was the last book you didn’t manage to finish? I know this will upset a lot of people, and I should probably be ashamed of saying this as an English Literature student, but it was The Road by Cormac McCarthy! I just didn’t feel like it was written for me (maybe I’m just too much of a stickler for correction punctuation).

What’s a poem you can recite on demand? Bit of an odd one, but ‘Daddy’ by Sylvia Plath – my friend and I actually used to perform 'on demand' (except no one was demanding).

If you could live inside one painting or sculpture, what would it be? Maybe a Lowry painting: there’s something about the busy-ness of them that always looks so inviting, even though they’re actually a bit bleak! Or I’d like to be this tiny clay hippo from about 3000BC at the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich. I’m slightly obsessed.

Georgia Rees-Lang

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