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Milly Kirby.


I’m a freelance creative now based in Norwich, originally from the heart of the Fens. Currently I work with a variety of projects and arts organisations which includes helping to produce the yearly Young Norfolk Arts Festival, as well as providing freelance administration, marketing and social media support to artists and arts organisations including TOAST Poetry and Reel Connections.

My background is in film and music, and I particularly love working with archive film (which is much less boring than it sounds…..). I’m really passionate about the benefits creativity and culture can have on communities, and particularly providing opportunities for people of all backgrounds to engage in the arts. I also love using my experience and skills to enable artists to have the time and capacity to be creative!

What was the last book you didn’t manage to finish?

I’ve picked up and put down Wolf Hall about 10 times. I love reading anything historical, but I just don’t have the short term memory to remember what’s going on.

What’s your ultimate desert island disc song?

This is really, really hard. I'm going with Heroes by David Bowie.

If you could live inside one painting or sculpture, what would it be?

Rooms by the Sea by Edward Hopper please; the light, the sea, the solitude.

What’s the most out-there thing on your current playlist?

Currently I’m revisiting Tierra Whack’s 2018 album (and cool film project) Whack World, it’s so good.

A white person wearing a yellow hat, grey scarf and beige coat. They are standing on a beach in front of the sea, and smiling at the camera.
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