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Eve Mathews


Hello, I’m Eve and I live in Norwich. I’m a Librarian and in many ways live up to the stereotype: I enjoy tea, reading, wearing cardigans, and knitting. The only things I’m missing are a pair of glasses and a cat.

Your ultimate desert island disc track: 'Don’t Delete the Kisses' by Wolf Alice. I think it’s one of the best love songs to ever exist, and it perfectly captures that feeling of meeting someone and immediately falling for them.

If you could have written one play/novel/poem/song, what would it be and why? Any book by Taylor Jenkins Reid - she’s proof that commercial fiction can 100% cover the same big, ‘meaningful’ themes as literary novels, but also make them fun to read.

If you had to be locked inside one gallery overnight, which would it be and why? The Rijksmuseum because then I would finally get to go into the library! (It’s viewable but entry is off-limits to the public)

What was the last book you didn’t manage to finish? The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern - I fully intend to go back to it, but the world-building is a bit intense and I didn’t have the mental capacity at the time.

Have you ever heard a song that feels like it HAD to be written about you? What was it and why? 'No Body, No Crime' by Taylor Swift. It reminds me of my friend’s cheating husband who mysteriously disappeared… I wonder what happened to him!

Eve Mathews
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