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Saskia Reynolds.


Hi, I’m Saskia. I was brought up in south-west London, until I moved to Norwich to study English Literature with Creative Writing at UEA. Norwich has really provided me with a sense of community, both from the incredibly active arts scene and also just all of the people I’ve met, whether on my course, in one of my favourite bookshops (ahem, The Book Hive) or in a coffee shop. I’ve been a part of the Young Norfolk Arts Collective for the past year, I’ve been twice featured in the UEA Undergraduate Creative Writing Anthology, and this year I am also publishing my first zine called Word Vomit, designed to celebrate first draft poetry. I’m really into celebrating flawed things and fighting back against the need for constant perfectionism in my work. I’m also obsessed with food writing and would love to make some sort of essay collection-cookbook hybrid in the future (I love risotto, and I love talking about how much I love risotto to anyone who’ll listen).

Your ultimate desert island disk track: Tickle Me Pink by Johnny Flynn.

Who would play you in the film of your life? Being extremely generous to myself, I’d have to say Jessie Buckley. In part because I just love her, but also because we have a similar hair colour, and I think she’d nail my generally quiet and awkward demeanor down to a T.

If you had to be locked inside one gallery overnight, which would it be and why? I’d love to go back to the Viking Museum in Oslo. I first went with my family about six years ago, and it was so magical—the museum was really small, but the main attraction was this massive viking ship in the main hall. The museum was also in the middle of nowhere, and surrounded by, what seemed to me at the time, an insane amount of snow. I’d love to just sit in there overnight and make up stories about what might’ve happened onboard when the ship was in use.

What was the last book you didn’t manage to finish? Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. I was so excited to read this (I bought the second book as well because I was sure that I’d love it) given how much I’d enjoyed the film, but the book really brought out my inner creative writing critic; there was just too much telling and not enough showing! It was very fun, though, and I’d recommend it to anyone not cursed with a low tolerance for in-depth descriptions and adverbs.

Have you ever heard a song that feels like it HAD to be written about you? What was it and why? Oom Sha La La by Haley Heynderickx. It’s a song about feeling self-doubt and then finding something positive to put that negative energy into, and in this case that’s deciding to grow a garden. It’s a candid and slightly chaotic song, which I think sums me up quite well. I’ve only got one houseplant to my name at the moment, but I’m working on growing my family.


Saskia Reynolds.
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