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Yangdzom Lama.


Hellooo I’m Yangdzom! I was brought up in the depths of West London, lived in a boarding school in West Sussex, and moved to Norwich for university where I studied English Literature with Creative Writing. Being so in love with London, I came back and have since focused on being an artist who makes paintings and embroideries, mainly of animals or animal-headed humans. I’ve always loved reading, writing and creating art. I don’t view these hobbies as a form of escape; instead I see them as something that enriches our lives and our world. Fun fact: ‘Yangdzom’ is a Tibetan name, loosely translating to ‘good luck to all sentient beings’.

Your ultimate desert island disc track? Le Freak by Chic of couuuuurse. One of the best disco tunes ever made, and always gets me dancing!

If you had to be locked inside one gallery overnight, which would it be and why? It would probably have to be the Natural History Museum, since I’ve always had a deep interest in the story of life on our planet. As a little girl, I loved the marine reptile fossils, so I’d be pretty content camping out by them for the night.

What was the last book you didn’t manage to finish? I always like to finish a book, so it’s the one I’m currently reading. It’s called The Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism. I’m only about 200 pages into this 973-page book, but so far it’s been a good read. Would definitely recommend, especially if you fancy learning about some non-Western philosophy!

If you could have written one novel, what would it be and why? Oooh, Life of Pi I think; it was the first book that made me want to actively learn about other religions since the main character is a practising Hindu, Muslim and Christian. I remember thinking how harmonious that was, and so I read the Bible and Qur’an over the next couple of years because of Life of Pi. It would be great to have written a novel that inspires people to learn about diverse beliefs!

If you could live inside one painting, what would it be? Probably one with cats, to be honest. Can’t live without ‘em. There’s this fancy painting by Henriette Ronner-Knip of a cat and her four kittens gathered curiously around a violin. They look like they’re having fun so I wouldn’t mind joining them.


Yangdzom Lama.
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