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Tara Perry


I’m Tara, a recent English Literature MA graduate with a deep love of pop culture. I’m fascinated by the ever changing media landscape and how the line between consumer and creator continues to become blurred. I’m an all-rounder; be it anime, live action, video games or books- if I’ve consumed it, I’ll have something to say!

If you could have written one play/novel/poem/song, what would it be and why?

The Wolf Hall trilogy-I wish all historical fiction had that much humanity. In a similar vein Requiem of the Rose King is historical fiction manga I wish I had created.

If you could live inside one painting or sculpture, what would it be?

Halloween by Bo Bartlett

What upcoming media are you the most excited about right now?

Final fantasy VII rebirth! Also a ton of new anime on the horizon for 2024

What’s your ultimate desert island disc song?

Cloud Busting by Kate bush or Peace train the 10,000 maniacs cover.

What’s your favourite video game?

Mass effect (the whole franchise) and Night in the woods

Tara Perry
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